Film Transfer Demos

On the left are excerpts from actual transfers we have performed.


On the right are side by side comparisons of our film transfer vs. a local photo shop transfer.  The competition used yesterdays analog capture process.  The difference in resolution, sharpness, and color correctness is striking.  Their process distorted the subject motion speed unnaturally by increasing it approximately 10%.  We corrected this for side by side demonstration purposes to keep the frames in synch. 


Your treasured movies deserve the best.  What technology will you choose to preserve yours?  The choice is as clear as the results.  Even if you don't use our service make sure the one you choose uses Digital Video frame capture.  Nothing else even comes close to matching the quality.


These files have been compressed for internet use and are not full DVD quality.  They may take a few minutes to download depending on your internet connection speed.


If your browser does not play the videos directly you can download them by right clicking on the video and then saving the file to your computer to play.


Lady - Black & White 8mm - 1940s

(.WMV file size 1MB)

T.D.P. vs. Competition

(.WMV file size 780KB)

Christmas - Color 8mm - 1940s

(.WMV file size 1MB)

T.D.P. vs. Competition

(.WMV file size 436KB)

Korean Street - Color 8mm - 1950s

(.WMV file size 850KB)


Little Girl - Color Super 8mm - 1970s

(.WMV file size 491KB)



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