General Information

Please contact us to get a price quote on your project before sending any materials.  We will provide you an estimate that will include any applicable discounts and return shipping charges.  Arkansas residents will be charged appropriate Sales Tax.  Please read the Terms of Service and Preparing Your Materials before ordering. 


Volume discounts available!  Contact us for details.


Prices do not reflect any insurance or shipping costs.  The customer pays for all insurance and shipping.  Transferred and original materials are shipped separately to minimize risk of loss.  Additionally, we retain copies of DVDs for 30 days in case of loss or if you wish to order additional copies.  Packages are shipped to you via US Post Office Priority Mail unless another carrier is requested.


Terms of Service

We pledge to treat your materials as if they were our own.  They will always be handled confidentially and with TLC.
All material copied by Tomorrow Digital Productions is done with the understanding that you have the right to copy it.  You are authorizing Tomorrow Digital Productions to duplicate your materials. You assume all responsibility regarding the right to reproduce any material and, if challenged, will protect Tomorrow Digital Productions from any costs or damages, including attorneys fees.

According to the Fair Use Act, copyrighted material may be used for personal viewing only and not for resale.  If a video is to be viewed at a public function you must obtain permission from the owners of the copyrighted material.

You agree that the handling, processing, and packaging of all materials is without warranty or liability.  You agree to hold harmless and indemnify Tomorrow Digital Productions for any and all liability and/or claim arising from this transaction.
No refunds will be given due to DVD or Blu-Ray player incompatibility.  You are strongly encouraged to check your individual player for compatibility. 

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